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Customer Reviews

Mike Ehrat


I am very pleased. It is exactly what I expected.  The cup is flawless as is the vibrant colors and printing. Well done. I will certainly consider future purchases.

Stephen L. Ortwein


Sharon Knight


My mug arrived today, Im thrilled to have it. Its in decent shape, except the printing on the shield logo with the horse head, at bottom, has a few small black dots across it where the yellow ink didnt adhere in the printing process.. One side has it less than the other side of the cup, in other words, both sides on the shield portion has those nimute black dots across the bottom point of the shield , where the printing process failed in the yellow and partially the white ink along the outer shield's edge. but Im going to keep it anyway , as it isnt so much that I cant deal with it. It is a present for my man, who was twice decorated as a gunner and chopper pilot , got shot, and is still going strong. He is the most amazing man Ive ever known ,the love of my life, and I want this to be such a warm happy surprise for him. Thank you for getting this out in such timely manner. Id also like to know in better detial about the campain for these mugs as advertised ? Id like to explain to him better about that, so he will appreciate it. Thank you, Sharon